Venezia HDR, un set su Flickr.

Venezia HDR, un set su Flickr.

Ciak - Springer Spaniel on Flickr.

A myriad of details in an evolving fractal landscape.

See the .mp4 download to see the full quality.

I’m currently working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time… stay tuned!

Update: The soundtrack is an original piece I made for the video. I’ve put it up on soundcloud:​subblue/​surface-detail

An interactive architectural mapping.
Fete des Lumieres / Lyon / France / 2010

A mapping by 1024 Architecture, projected on the facade of former Lyrical theater the “Celestins”.
The building deformations and figures were controlled by the audience, using a microphone and an audio analysis algorythm.

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